Are Your Employees Drinking Too Much Alcohol?

Alcohol is estimated to cause 3-5% of all absences from work; about 8 to 14 million lost working days in the UK each year. This comes at a cost of £7.3 billion per year to the UK economy and is the cause of 40% of accidents in the workplace.

The obvious causes of alcohol misuse is the hangover, whereby employees take sick days due to drinking too much the night before but there are also other implications to the workplace, as well as the lives of employees. For example, for 25 to 59 year olds, excessive drinking is the world’s primary risk factor for ill heath and premature death.

The problems lie in the fact that it isn’t always obvious when co-workers or staff are suffering due to alcohol misuse. There are actually more than 60 different medical conditions caused by alcohol misuse ranging from liver cirrhosis to throat cancer, as well as the problems associated with safety when employees in certain work environments turn in drunk or hungover.

What can your business do to help employees?

There is suggestion that the same approach used in GP’s surgeries and hospitals may also be effective in the workplace. This involves using a risk assessment sheet, on which employees answer a number of questions about their drinking habits. A five to ten minute session including feedback and advice on the assessment’s results is then given.

The evidence that making drinkers aware of health implications has positive effects is extensive and NICE recommends this approach to the medical environment. A number of organisations are now implementing this practice in the work environment to help lower individuals’ alcohol intake.

If you would like further advice and assistance on reducing the risk of alcohol on your workforce’s health and wellbeing speak to OHBM today.

OHBM: A Trusted Occupational Health Service In Manchester

At OHBM we understand that as a company your staff are your most important asset. That’s why it just makes sense to take good care of them and their health and wellbeing. We help business and other organisations in the Greater Manchester area to boost the health and wellbeing of their employees, largely by focusing on prevention rather than cure.

Healthy, valued employees are proven to achieve more and show a greater level of loyalty to your business – plus, they are easier to manage than those who feel taken advantage of or uncared for by your organisation. This all affects your bottom line.

A US study found that factors as common as being overweight can have a detrimental affect on your workforce. On average a normal-weight man will miss an average of 3 days a year due to illness or injury, while an overweight or obese man will miss around 5 days. Absences increase as employees gain more weight.

Another survey found that “77% of employees stated “health and wellness programs positively impact the culture at work.”

When employees are healthy and cared for, they are more motivated in the work environment and less likely to take time off due to physical and mental health issues.

If you’re currently considering whether you can afford to invest in occupational health services, we would ask you to consider whether you can afford not to. The cost savings through a positive attitude to workforce health can be extremely great.

For further information about how OHBM has helped businesses large and small, in the Manchester area and beyond, take a look at our testimonials. Or contact OHBM directly to discuss how we can help promote health and productivity within your workforce.

Workplace Stress Can Increase The Amount Of Sickness-Related Absences

Stress in the workplace has the potential to increase employee absences and reduce productivity. And stress is a very common complaint in the UK, with psychological problems including stress behind 1/5th of GP visits.

Symptoms of stress are numerous, but may include:

  • Palpitations
  • Dry Mouth
  • Headaches
  • Strange Aches And Pains
  • Loss Of Appetite

It can also lead to unhealthy behaviours such as drinking, smoking, comfort eating and drug use – which are further damaging to health.

Did you know that good management practices can help reduce work-related stress? At OHBM we can help you implement these practices within your business.

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