How does your business deal with drug and alcohol issues in the workforce?

It’s a subject you might not want to think about, but drug and alcohol problems are a real concern for today’s businesses.

More than 9 million people in England are drinking more than the recommended daily limits, and alcohol is one of the three biggest lifestyle risk factors for disease and death in the UK – after smoking and obesity. Nine per cent of men and four per cent of women in the UK show signs of alcohol dependence, yet only 6.4 per cent of dependent drinkers access any form of treatment.

In the workplace, harmful drinking can occur in a number of ways, from excessive drinking in leisure time, and inappropriate drinking in work hours or before shifts, to binge drinking during or after work activities. According to the Institute of Alcohol Studies, alcohol can have an array of negative effects in the workplace, including absenteeism, neglect of details, more frequent mistakes, decreases in the quality and quantity of work, and inconsistent performance.

It is a also widely believed that alcohol is the cause of numerous accidents in work. The International Labour Organisation estimated up to 40 per cent of workplace accidents are related to alcohol use.

So how can your business help employees who are drinking to much, or are addicted to other substances? Contact OHBM for information about our fast-track to specialist drug and alcohol rehabilitation, our 24 hour testing service, and support with your workplace policies.

Watch the video below for further details.