“I would just like to offer my heartfelt thanks for the detailed and helpful OH report your service has provided.

In a short space of time you have provided clarity where 2 other providers failed. The quality and utility of this report is very helpful indeed and allows us to keep our staff and students safe.

Many thanks, your service is excellent and worth every penny.”

Clair Watson

Human Resources Lead – Youth Engagement Schools Trust

Allison is committed to high quality occupational practice and the support of less experienced peers. She actively promotes occupational health nursing as a specialist discipline within public health nursing. Practicing at a strategic level, she has demonstrated her commitment to  specialist occupational health professionals by her involvement in the Greater Manchester Occupational Health Nursing  Group.  She has taken an integral part in the organisation and delivery of professional conferences for that group of professionals which has included the involvement of a range of professionals including nurses, academics including  Prof Diana Kloss, Barrister and Employment Tribunal Judge.

Anne Harriss – O.H. Course Director South Bank University, London

Allison is a dedicated Occupational Health provider and seeks to provide a dedicated resource to employers requiring occupational health assistance for advice on a variety of different illnesses/conditions across a number of different sectors. She reacts quickly and provides good, useful and honest advice.

Glenn Hayes – Employment Partner at Irwin Mitchell

Having worked with Allison I cannot recommend highly enough her quality of work, attention to detail and ‘spot on’ customer focus. She is held in very high regards by both her client base and professional colleagues and she has a very good reputation as an excellent occupational health service provider.

Fiona C. Consultant Occupational Health Advisor, OH Services Work Ltd

I have known Allison in a professional capacity for a number of years and she never fails to impress me with her professional approach to Occupational Health. She is an honest, approachable and sincere individual. She has played a huge part in the organisation of the Greater Manchester OHN Group and has been successful in developing the activities within the group to a very high standard. She is passionate about standards within the speciality and I have no hesitation in recommending her to any potential user of OH services.

Audrey D., Business Development Manager (OH and H&S, Quality and Environment) and Pharmaceuticals

I have known Allison for approximately eight years and her professional approach and knowledge of her industry has never failed to impress me. It is always a pleasure to discuss and share solution ideas with Allison because her focus is always on lifting standards in a methodical and practical way. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Allison and OHBM, you will be in very safe hands!

Simon R., Owner and Managing Director, DSE Solutions Ltd