What Is Sickness Absence Policy And How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Sickness absence policy

When you run a business you’ll know that from time to time you’ll have to deal with absent staff for one reason or another. When staff go off sick, you’ll need the right procedures in place to manage the gap in the workplace, and ensure employees are supported in their return to work. This forms your sickness absence policy.

Sickness costs the UK economy around £17 billion every year, when businesses have to hire temporary cover, when work falls behind schedule and when employee morale is damaged by the extra workload.

Your sickness absence policy needn’t be difficult to implement but in order to keep sickness and absence to a minimum and ensure business continues to operate effectively, there are essential steps to take.

These include:

Monitoring sickness absence levels

Your sickness absence policy needs to enable you to record and monitor the amount of workplace absenteeism in order for you to determine how much it is costing your business. Understanding which employees are taking time off and why can help you to find ways to boost employee health – physically and mentally – and reduce time off.

Make sickness absence policy clear to all staff

Employees need to understand the appropriate methods of informing senior staff of their sickness. For example, they may be required to personally phone in, as opposed to emailing or getting a friend or relative to do it on their behalf.

Return to work interviews and instances whereby number of periods of sickness trigger disciplinary action need to be made clear to staff.

Consider workplace health and well-being

In addition to helping staff return to work, your policy should delve into the reason why staff are taking time off sick. This might highlight ways you can reduce stress levels or encourage screen breaks to protect your employees and your business.

Employee absence has a damaging effect on profitability, morale and success. Proactive, effective management is essential to this. A good occupational health service can help you implement your sickness absence policy with ease and speed.

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